School Visits

K-4 recommended, audience sizes flexible; classroom, library, or auditorium. Flexible to adapt sessions to Grades 5-6 with advanced notice and teacher collaboration.


Grades K-2 = 30 min session reading one or two of my published books, plus Q&A time, fossil/props touch & feel

Grades 3, 4 = 50 minutes review of story concepts (students expected to pre-read), with fossil props touch & feel or activity session including create/complete the story

Standard Presentation Subject Areas To Choose From:

  • Rhyme vs prose comparison
  • The role of a storyteller
  • Telling a story with pictures and words
  • Fun facts about animals
  • Animal characteristics of adaptation
  • Fun facts about marine life
  • Reading for understanding, conflict resolution, relationships in nature
  • Biomimicry – time-tested designs in nature

Discussions highlight Common Core and Creative Curriculum Skills:

RL 1.1-1.10                Sense of Self

RI 1.1-1.10                 Responsibility for Self and Others

RF 1.1-1.3                   Prosocial Behavior

L1.1-1.2                      Fine motor skills (writing, drawing)

RL 2.1-2.4                   Learning and Problem Solving

RI 2.1-2.6                   Logical Thinking

RF 2.3                         Representation and Symbolic Thinking

SL 2.1-2.4                   Listening and Speaking

RL 3.1-3.10                Reading and Writing

RI 3.1-3.9

W.3.1-W.3.3d             Coming Soon!!!   Tidal Pool Observations add W.3.7-W3.9



Equipment the school will provide:

  • Large table for props
  • Small table or desk for (my) projector
  • Projection screen
  • Bottled water or hot water for tea would be appreciate



Local within Connecticut**

$800 / full day up to FOUR sessions

$300 single presentation

**may require late start of 9:30am or travel accommodations for night prior. Contact me to discuss details.


Outside my local area (beyond 80 miles)

  • $1100 per day plus travel & lodging expenses
  • Up to FOUR sessions per day – up to one hour per session
  • Day rate discounted by $150 per day for multi-day bookings


Skype Visit – $150 (up to one hour)



When schools book Ivanna for a full day, they will receive ONE COPY OF EACH of her books for the school library. Activity sheets available on request. Contact Ivanna for more details.

Signed Books

I have books available for sale and signing. A form can be sent to the child’s home in advance of the visit.


Contact Ivanna for more details and availability.